We are a group of approximately ten families that currently have loved ones serving in the United States Military.

We gather as a support group to offer each other moral support, exchange information and promote awareness about our local military. We support all our BRAVE men and women in all branches of the service. We welcome you to come visit!

If you have a loved one or relative serving in the middle east during the Holiday season, please email or contact us so that we can send them a card and care package. Please provide us with their name & unit address.

We are looking for volunteers to help with our Holiday card drive weekend .
Please contact us if you're interested in volunteering -
Call : 301 432-4979
Sunday, November 26, 2017
12-5 pm to help pack boxes for our troops.
Call for details!

PLEASE NOTE:There is NO drop off site at ELM Garage in Greencastle this year.

Please participate in our "2017 Holiday Card Drive" for our U.S. Military serving in the Middle East. This will be our last year.

October 1st, 2017 through November 20th, 2017
Send your greetings to our local troops who are currently serving in the Middle East.
This year we will also include 7 Mid-Atlantic Veterans Hospitals and 10 Fisher Houses around the world.

Our Guidelines are listed below:

Mailing Cards

Allowable Items

Please mail cards and items to:

c/o Lynn Jones
P.O. BOX 223

PLEASE NOTE:There is NO drop off site at ELM Garage in Greencastle this year.

Donations are accepted and needed. It cost $5,964.80 in 2016 to mail everything!

  Our History  

  • We were founded in March 2003 and our first meeting was on April 4, 2003.
  • We represent families from Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.
  • We are located in the Hagerstown, Maryland area - although we represent our local 4 state area, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia.
  • Our meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Thursdays each month (June through Sept it's only the first Thursday of each month) at St. James Catholic Church at Ford Ave. and Main St. in Boonsboro Maryland.

  Group Activities  

  • We hold fundraising events throughout the year to support our annual "Holiday Card Drive for the Troops" project.
  • We ask for donations for our patriotic magnets, ribbons, pins and bows.
  • We have participated in the Sharpsburg Memorial Day Parade 2003.
  • "Celebration in the Park - July 4th" 2003 & 2004
  • "Boonsboro Days" 2004
  • Fundraising events at our local Wal-Mart, Autozone, and churches.
  • Holiday Card Drive for Our Troops 2003 - We sent 13,211 cards to over 35 service members serving in the Middle East.
  • 2004 - We were very blessed to have national coverage from the Agape Press and our local media. We heard from folks all over the USA! We received 36,958 cards and well wishes to send to 70 service members currently serving in the Middle East & Cuba.
  • In 2009 We sent 80,360 Cards to 90 Service Members & their units.
  • In 2010 We sent 103,677 Cards (632 boxes) to 104 Service Members & their units.
  • In 2011 We sent 116,238 Cards (584 boxes) to 98 Service Members & their units.
  • In 2012 We sent 105,346 Cards (561 boxes) to 62 Service Members & their units. Mailing costs were $7,248.27.
  • In 2013 We sent 103,041 Cards (543 boxes) to 8 different countries and deployed ships abroad. Mailing costs were $7,048.40.
  • In 2014 We sent 105,241 Cards (424 boxes) to 39 military units around the world. Mailing costs were $7,353.60.
  • In 2015 We sent 119,412 Cards (420 boxes) to 34 military members & their units. Mailing costs were $8,787.00.
  • In 2016 We sent 90,985 Cards (407 boxes) to 61 military members & their units. Mailing costs were $5,964.80.
  • We raised enough funds to send calling cards, Christmas candy, and prayer cards!

Donations for mailing costs, phone cards, and holiday candy are needed and greatly appreciated (2016 mailing cost was $5,964.80).


We have been extremely blessed as a group! We appreciate all those who have supported our effort. We are very proud of our loved ones currently serving our country! Please remember to Support Our Troops!!! May God Bless our Military and their families.

The South Washington County Military Support Group